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2022 Awarded the Diane Bouchier Artist Award for Excellence in Botanical Art 2022

by the ASBA (American Society Botanical Artists)


Ellas ilustran botanica Two videos of the previous exhibition in Logroño:

Featured on Youtube - 2022 14 Nov

Spotlight on Botanical Artists

Featured as 1 of 4 artists by the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Australia highlighting the career of four botanical artists that feature in the Florilegium of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the Margaret Flockton Award:

Youtube 14 November

next exhibiting

2024 - Ellas ilustran botanica - Madrid, Spain

2024 - Exhibition at Zaansmuseum, Zaandam, Netherlands Stoep onder de loep - Sidewalk Plants

2023 - Ellas ilustran botanica - March 24,  new venue Fundacion Cristina Enea de San Sebastian, Spain.

2022 - 17 - 25 Sept 2022, Photo Aubrac

2022 - 10 September - 23 October 2022, Pink and Grey/Das pink und Das Grau - Forum Botanische Kunst Germany

2022 - August 19 - 28, A Visual Feast, Fleurs de Villes FEMMES, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney at the Calyx

2022 - Botanica Exhibition, Logrono, Spain -11 February - 12 June 2022

2022 - Sidewalk Plants, 11 March to 20 May  the Old University Library, Rapenburg 70 in Leiden, Netherlands

2022 - Botanical Endevour 7th to 22nd May, Sydney Botanic Garden Florilegium, Australia

2022 - Tsvetovodstvo - 1 March - 1 June, Moscow. 'Remembering Holland' exhibition, Moscow. A contemporary dialogue with 17thC floral Still life in Flemish and Dutch traditions

2020/21 - 2nd Feb - 22 Aug International exhibition “Exploring Botany”

             Manggha Museum for Japanese Art and Technology, Krakow, Poland

2021 - November 2021 - pour la 24ème édition du Festival international de la Photo Animalière

            et de  Nature - Photos and paintings

2020 - 400 Years the Mayflower, Amsterdam, Holland

2019 - International Exhibition Moscow

2019 - The Flower Museum, Amsterdam

2019 - Kunst & Antik, Sindelfingen, Stuttgart Germany - January

principal exhibitions

2018  -  Royal College of Physicians, London - The College Herbal, 400th anniversary of the Pharmacopoea Londinensis 1618 – 2018

2018  -  Fractals - the geometry of nature, Forum Botanische Kunst, Germany,

2018  -  Florilegium - Royal Botanic Garden Sydney at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Kew, London 

2017  -  20th Annual International American Society of Botanical Artists and The Hort Society of New York, New York Design Centre

  20th/17th/13th/11th/10th Annual International American Society of Botanical Artists, USA

2016  -  Sydney's painted gardenat the Museum of Sydney, Australia 

2014  -  BAEE (Botanical Artists for Education & the Environment) Botanic Gardens, Washington USA 

2011  -  'offshoots' John Adams Fine Art Ebury Galleries, London SW1

2011  -  'the botanical brush' at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

2009  -  The Highgrove Florilegium - Museum of Garden History, London

2009  -  2016, 2018 - Forum Botanische Kunst, Germany

2009  -  Crispian Riley-Smith, Master Drawings London, 22 Bury Street, London

2009  -  The Power of Plants, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

2008  -  ‘Watercolours from the Highgrove Florilegium, NY School of Interior Design, New York

2007  -   Blossom in Art, Houston TX, USA

2006  -   Château de Villandry, France 'Des tulipes aux choux - une année a Villandry' 

2006  -   Museum of Garden History, London, Group exhibition 'Tradescant Inspiration'

2005, 2007, 2008, 2010 - Hampton Court Palace, London

2004  -  Hunt Institute, 11th International Exhibition of Botanical Art Pittsburgh, USA

2004  -  'Botanical Bounty' - Flinn Gallery, Greenwich CT, USA

2003/2007/2008  - Society of Botanical Artists, Westminster -

2002/2006  Royal Horticultural Society, Westminster - RHS Silver Gilt Medal, Silver 2002,

2003, 2005   Chelsea Arts Society, London


The Shirley Sherwood Collection, UK

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh, USA

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Hampton Court Palace Florilegium Society - Fellow

The Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia

Private collectors in the USA , Europe

The artist’s work has been selected for inclusion in The Highgrove Florilegium created under the umbrella of The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation and will celebrate and record in a permanent way the Flora in the garden at Highgrove. The exhibition has travelled worldwide.


2022 Awarded the ASBA (American Society Botanical Artists) Diane Bouchier Artist Award for Excellence in Botanical Art.

ASBA - 20th International Juried Exhibition, New York - awarded the 2017 ASBA Eleanor Wunderlich Award for the Cardoon seedhead on vellum.

ASBA - 17th International Juried Exhibition, New York - Best Painting in Show 2014.

ASBA - 10th International Juried Exhibition, New York - award for Best Painting 2007. 

2007 -  SBA Joyce Cuming Presentation Award - Highly commended

2007 -  Mary Grob Award

2002 Chelsea Arts Society

RHS - SGM 2002, RHS SM 2006, RHS SM (Group Exhibition)


Royal College of Physicians Florilegium 2018 Pharmacopoiea Londinensis.

Sydney's Painted Garden Florilegium.

Cover, 17th International  Juried Exhibition, New York.

Seattle Metropolitan Magazine June 2008 - Stolen orchid.

The Botanical Artist, Volume 13 cover (ASBA magazine) - Nerine bowdenii.

Herb magazine 2006 - Garlic Living France  -

Ornamental cabbage. Jardins en Tourraine - feature for exhibition at Chateau de Villandry Vieilles Maisons Francais.  

The Botanical Artist, Volume 17, Issue 3 cover (ASBA magazine) - Juglans regis, Walnut.

Botany for Artists by Lizabeth Leech, Featuring several paintings.

Garten Art, Mein Garten, mein Zuhause 02/013, Nasturtiums.


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