Paintings on vellum have a translucent quality, the paint sits on the surface and the colours appear more intense.

It requires a different painting technique to prevent the vellum buckling and spoiling and the paint lifting off. Paint is applied using a 'dry brush' with very small strokes to build up the colour and detail.

It is important to keep the vellum flat and stretched and to avoid damp or hot conditions while working on it and also when framed and hung.

Milk thistle - sold
Cardoon seedhead - sold
Fritillaria Imperialis red
Faded rose
Iris almost black
Bulb and feather
Sweet chestnut
Walnut on vellum - sold
Horse chestnut bud
Fritillaris pontica
Fritillaria Elwesii
Dried paeony
IRIS KR3739 in progress
Dahlia - waterlily variety